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Two new papers published in Cortex and Neuropsychologia

Posted on 9 December 2017

Marcus Harrington and Jennifer Ashton have new studies published

Two members of the SLAM lab have had papers published this week. Marcus Harrington has published his work on sleep and emotional memory in Cortex, while Jennifer Ashton has published her work on cross-modal learning in Neuropsychologia. 

The references for both papers are available below. 

Harrington, M.O., Johnson, J., Croom, H.E., Pennington, K., Durrant, S.J. (2018) The influence of REM sleep and SWS on emotional memory consolidation in participants reporting depressive symptoms. Cortex. 

Ashton, J. E., Jefferies, E. A., & Gaskell, M. G. (2017). A role for consolidation in cross-modal category learning. Neuropsychologia.