Sleeping infant. 070623. Credit: Tamaki Sono / Flickr (CC by 2.0)

How well does your baby sleep?

If your baby has an older sibling on the Autism Spectrum then we’d love to hear from you.

Our research explores sleep patterns in infant siblings using a comfortable, simple sleep monitor. You’ll learn a lot about your baby’s sleep; you’ll also learn more about their development, as being involved will include two assessments six months apart.

If you have a child on the Autism spectrum as well as an infant under two, and think you might be interested then please contact us here in the Sleep, Language and Memory Lab to find out more.

About the study

Many children on the Autism Spectrum present with persistent sleep difficulties. However, it is not known how early in development these difficulties emerge, or whether they might be related to the onset of symptoms of Autism.

The baby sleep project is charting the early sleep patterns of infants who have an older sibling on the Autism Spectrum. We're recruiting baby siblings because these infants have a slightly increased chance of developing some symptoms of Autism later in life, though the vast majority do not. We're hoping to find characteristic patterns of sleep that may even aid early diagnosis for children in the future.

The study uses a commercially available infant sleep monitor (, which is entirely safe and easy to use. We ask parents to use the monitor for a few days a month for five months. We also assess infants' general development before and after the sleep monitoring period, so all parents involved will learn more about their infant's sleep and development. Parents are not required to travel.

Contact us

Dr Victoria Knowland