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Student Profiles

Jesslyn Chee (Singapore; 1st class Honours in Psychology with Distinction, graduating 2015)

“My achievements would not have been possible without the amazing guidance and supervision which I have received from the Department of Psychology.”

- Jesslyn Chee

Jesslyn came to York from Singapore. After gaining excellent marks in first and second years, she opted for an eclectic mix of Advanced Modules in Face Perception, Forensic Psychology, Damage to the Visual Brain and the Psychology of Will. In her Literature Survey (supervised by Head of Department Professor Quentin Summerfield) she drew together the evidence on possible protective effects of bilingualism for dementia. Her project with Dr Tom Hartley investigated the effects of individual differences in personality on motivation, a topic with potential applications to incentives in the workplace.  

After graduation Jesslyn will be taking up a position with Price Waterhouse Coopers in London as a Human Resources Transformation Consultant. 

Ying Yi Kristie Wong (Singapore; 1st class Honours in Psychology, graduating 2015)

“I have learnt so much during my three years of study and I would like to sincerely thank the Department and the staff who have taught and mentored me during this period.”

- Ying Yi Kristie Wong

Kristie came to York from Singapore. She gained excellent marks across the five strands of the degree in years 1 and 2 with outstanding marks in Research Methods and Perception and Cognition. She opted for advanced modules combining high level analytic skills and topics concerned with consciousness and decision-making: Advanced Research Methods, Mind & Brain, Preference & Choice, Understanding Self-Generated Thought. Undertaking her Literature Survey with Professor Quentin Summerfield she explored the positive implications of "dark" personality traits, while her project (supervised by Dr Tom Hartley) measured the influence of personality factors on and risk-taking behaviours.

Next year Kristie will be taking a masters degree in Organisational Psychology at University College London. 

Flora Ip (Hong Kong; 1st class Honours in Psychology, graduating 2015)

“I am proud to be a graduate of the University of York because the University has given me opportunities that I might not have been able to acquire in Hong Kong. All staff in the Department are really helpful and want students to learn.”

- Flora Ip

Flora is from Hong Kong and is planning a career in Clinical Psychology. Alongside her studies in the first two years of the course, she gained research experience assisting in ongoing laboratory-based projects on spatial hearing, personality, and psycholinguistics. During her third year, alongside modules in Face Perception and Developmental Disorders, she was able to take specialised modules in Clinical Psychology. These are taught by practising Clinical Psychologists, and provide vital skills and knowledge alongside a realistic view of this highly-competitive, demanding but fulfilling profession. Her third year project was supervised by Dr Gary Lewis and looked at how a healthy skin tone (given by eating fresh fruit and vegetables) can make you seem more attractive, and whether this is limited to cues in the face. She presented her results at a meeting of the British Society for the Psychology of Individual Differences, and with her supervisor aims to publish the study.

Flora’s next step will be working in mental health care to gain the experience needed to secure a place in a Masters programme in Clinical Psychology in Hong Kong.