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How much does the behaviour of others influence what we do? Or the story of a psychologist who needs two pairs of hands, two heads, and to be in two places at once.

Tuesday 17 November 2020, 4.00PM to 5.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Emma Flynn, Queen's University Belfast

In this talk I’ll explore the trade off between learning for oneself versus learning from others, and the continuum that sits between the two. I’ll consider: how effectively different forms of information are transmitted; how who we are observing affects what we replicate; and how information is spread across groups. I’ll be looking at these questions across species, across ages, across cognitive and temperamental characteristics and across different neuro-types. On a more personal note I’ll thread through my talk how my career has developed over time through personal and professional events, including being a mother, an ‘academic mother,' a mentor and a mentee. Also how informal and formal networks can shape your career through social and asocial learning.

Location: online seminar (please contact for details)