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Psychology welcomes local year 10 pupils.

Posted on 27 March 2012

Natalie North attempting to catch a ball while wearing prisms

Natalie North trying to catch a ball while wearing displacing prisms, part of Psychology outreach event for the Green Apples programme

As part of the University's widening particpation programme the Green Apples project brings local school children to the university for two days. Psychology offers a visit to the department for an academic session.

Here, Natalie North from Year 10 of York High is trying to catch a ball while wearing displacing prisms in the March sunshine.  In a fun packed 75 minute session the students take part in an experiment to answer the simple question why doesn't the world look upside down? .  

Lots of hand - eye co-ordination games are played while wearing the fetching googles which shift their vision 30 degrees to the left.  We chart the students' adaptation, take measurements and plot their results, finally we explore with them the possible explanations.