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Psychology Electronic Experiment Booking System

Welcome to the online experiment booking system for the Department of Psychology where you can view all the current experiments, and sign up to take part.   If you are not a Psychology student and you wish to be kept upto date with the latest experiments (and chance to earn money) then sign up to our Mailing List.

PEBES SECURITY: The login process has changed, it should not affect current members of the Uni

The following experiments are looking for participants

CC  X  Learning and Assessment Feedback - 30 MINS CREDIT
  (?)      Emotional Memory Processing (£30 or 5h CC)   (FULL)
CC  X  Qualitative Action Descriptions
  (?)      Memory Test (1.5 hrs course credit or £6 cash)   (FULL)
£ & CC  NESO  Learn better with spaced testing - £6/£8 or 1.25/1.5h course credit
£ & CC  X  Word Learning and Sleep (£30 overnight/£6 per hour daytime/course credit)
CC    Social Media Communication - 30 MINS CREDIT
£ & CC    Memory and Sleep (Male participants only) (£30 cash or 5 hrs course credit)
£ & CC  NESO  Sleep deprivation and attention *£40 or 5 hours course credit*
CC    Series of computer based response studies - 1hr course credit - Slot 2
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