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Psychology Electronic Experiment Booking System.

Welcome to the online experiment booking system for the Department of Psychology where you can view all the current experiments, and sign up to take part.   If you are not a Psychology student and you wish to be kept upto date with the latest experiments (and chance to earn money) then sign up to our Mailing List.

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The following experiments are scheduled to take place in the future.

  (?)  £  CC    Puckering
  (?)  £  CC    Kiss Session 2
  (?)  £  CC  NESO  Speech Perception Experiment £3 or 0.5 credit
  (?)  £  No CC    Did you ever need to wear an eye patch as a child? (£10/hour)
  (?)  Memory for places - £9 or 1.5h course credit [Full]
  (?)  £  CC    AM - PM Memory Study. 2 sessions (1.5 hr course credit or £9 cash)
  (?)  no £  CC    Selective and non-selective attention: How do they relate? [1.25 hrs credit]
  (?)  £  CC    Follow-Up for Sleep and Cognition Study
  (?)  Sleep and Cognition Study: £40 or 5 Hours Credit. Read Study Info Before Signing Up! [Full]
  (?)  no £  CC  X  Online Questionnaire- Personality Characteristics and Behaviour (0.5 Course Credit)

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