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Dept of Politics & PPE York Strengths Session

Wednesday 21 April 2021

An introduction to York Strengths

Media and Politics in the US: A discussion of journalistic responsibility

Wednesday 17 March 2021

The latest Club of PEP event

Numerical Reasoning Workshop

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Join Sue Russell from the Maths Skills Centre for a numerical reasoning workshop

Econometrics Cluster Seminar

Thursday 11 March 2021

Nowcasting with large Bayesian vector autoregressions

Economics Thursday Workshop

Thursday 11 March 2021

The pitfalls of pledgeable cash flows: soft budget constraints, zombie lending and under-investment

Masterclass with Ismail Einashe

Wednesday 10 March 2021

An insight into the world of political journalism and activism

Economics Department Seminar

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Teachers Learning: Evidence from a field experiment

State Dependence of Fiscal Multipliers: The Source of Fluctuations Matters

Wednesday 3 March 2021

From the Department of Economics

More or less unmarried. The impact of legal settings of cohabitation on labor market outcomes

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Joint with Marion Goussé (University Laval)) (AME)