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Where are our graduates now?

Simon Kinsella (Philosophy & Politics)

My decision to study Philosophy & Politics at York was based on the wide range of multi-disciplinary modules offered, which look at issues of importance to society and include active dialogue relating to current affairs. I found the department to be very friendly and supportive, with the Club of PEP also offering students the opportunity to participate in everything from lectures and discussions on current affairs to working on the student-run journal VOX. 

Simon Kinsella alumnus

Having graduated, I went on to complete the law conversion course and an LLM in Oil and Gas Law. I soon found that the skills developed during my degree were directly applicable to the study of law. The ability to analyse information and effectively present conclusions proved to be particularly useful in my studies.

Following this, I joined the PwC Assurance graduate scheme and I’m now working as a Senior Associate in the Aberdeen office. I am also undertaking the Chartered Accountant (CA) qualification with ICAS and have found the study techniques I developed during my degree to be extremely helpful in completing my exams.

At my work people come from a variety of backgrounds, with importance being placed on the wider skills developed at university. Here I found that the knowledge of current affairs I developed whilst at York was important in improving my commercial awareness and building an understanding of the ‘big picture’ in any given situation. Within the School of PPE I was also able to develop interests in various areas, such as sustainability and social enterprise, which I have since pursued at work.

I have found that the degrees and modules available within the School of PPE are relevant to both law and accounting/finance. Whether studying regulations in politics or ethics in philosophy, these subjects have clear applications and importance within the professional world today.