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Natalie Salt (Philosophy & Politics)

There is no doubt that my degree from the School of PPE has proved to be a tremendous help in enabling me to obtain and make the most of a variety of interesting career opportunities.

My background from the PPE School impressed the director of the company and certainly enabled me to make sense of complex topical issues.

I studied Politics, Economics and Philosophy during my first year and then focused on Politics and Philosophy for the last two years. Straight after graduation I worked for the Japanese Embassy in Kyushu for a few years on an exchange teaching programme. Philosophy in particular had opened my mind to different ideas and belief systems and helped me to fully enjoy the experience of a profoundly different culture and daily life in a remote Japanese village.

After returning to Britain I worked as a Conference Producer for a publishing company. This required a sound general understanding of current political and economic issues facing the British food industry and the ability to quickly analyse huge quantities of information. My background from the School of PPE impressed the Director of the company and certainly enabled me to make sense of complex topical issues.

More recently, I have moved into Project Management/Research involving European Funding, economic regeneration and issues such as social inclusion. All aspects of my degree are extremely valuable and the interdisciplinary nature of my qualification provides me with a distinct advantage since most social, political and economic issues are often multi disciplinary. Now I am just completing an MA in Research and Social Policy whilst also working as a Research Project Officer. I aim to focus on 'community participatory' research and perhaps to work as a consultant in the near future.

Once again, my York qualification has proved a vital stepping stone to many interesting career choices!