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Where are our graduates now?

Laura Lennkh (PPE)

After studying PPE at York, I did all sorts of things, which is precisely why I consider this degree to be so valuable: it opens many doors!

Interested in pretty much everything as an 18 year old, I appreciated not having to specialize in any one area, so acquiring the tools to think, analyze and move across many different topics and being able to deepen my understanding in certain areas particularly appealed to me. I appreciated that the School of PPE at York sent me off with a toolbox of versatile skills that could be applied across a multitude of careers. 
I started off with a traineeship at the European Commission in DEVCO at the economic analysis, public finance and budget support unit, where my university research skills came in very handy. I then got a job at a development consultancy in Spain working as a project manager on public finance projects funded by the World Bank and DEVCO, both at business development stage and managing the project in the field - an interesting and eye-opening insight into the world of development.
I am so thankful for the full rucksack of tools I took with me from the School of PEP
I then decided to do a career jump: with the financial crisis dictating public discourse, I decided that I needed greater knowledge of the markets in order to deepen my understanding of what ultimately dictates public policy decisions. I obtained a fixed income sales trading position at a bank in Austria, where I was in charge of and responsible for building up the institutional clientele in southern Europe, as well as working on and negotiating regional government bond issuances. I also managed to combine this work with a Masters in banking and finance, which is rounding up my knowledge and understanding of the markets.
As an 18 year old starting my degree in PPE, I did not know what career I wanted to pursue nor how my interests would develop, and I think it is healthy to say that the more I learn, the more I understand that there is still so much left to learn! What is important for me to convey at this point is that I am thankful for the full rucksack of tools I took with me from the School of PPE, for I have learnt that even when I don't know how to do something, I can surely work it out with one or more of those tools!