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Where are our graduates now?

Joshua Chipman (PPE)

Since graduating from York with a degree in PPE, I have pursued work and further study in the field of international development. Initially I worked in Bangkok, as a research coordinator at a child protection NGO supporting organizations in reforming their child protection policies. I then studied an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, an interdisciplinary research degree where I focused on Economics of Development and the impact of multinational corporations in emerging market economies. After completing the MPhil, I began work as an ODI Fellow in Swaziland based in the Prime Minister’s office. My unit is responsible for performance management for government ministries and coordination and harmonization of policy across government.

Joshua Chipman alumnus

Studying PPE at York was an enjoyable experience as well as being good preparation for further work and study. The course structure allows a degree of specialization yet required students to continue studying the two additional disciplines, therefore helping them develop a variety of academic and analytical skills while still allowing students to pursue a career or further study in the dominant field. Given my interest in development, this was ideal, as the field appreciates interdisciplinary approaches in both academia and the professional world. I found that the degree helped me acquire the skills necessary to engage in a broad set of work and research situations confidently and the programme is recognized and respected both in the UK and internationally. In my experience, the university staff were helpful, engaged and supportive, and the student body was driven, capable and passionate. Altogether it was a very positive experience, both personally and academically, and I would certainly recommend the programme and the university.