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Where are our graduates now?

Joseph Wright (PPE)

I graduated from the School of PEP and went on to do an MA in Development Studies at the University of East Anglia with the benefit of ESRC funding. After graduating I worked as an economist for the Government of Uganda under a fellowship scheme run by the Overseas Development Institute, and thereafter I was employed by the Department for International Development. 

Joe Wright PEP alumnus

During this time I worked on policy reform to increase access to infrastructure services, and on the financing of energy and infrastructure projects.  Then I joined the World Bank through its Young Professionals Program and worked as an infrastructure economist on a variety of investment projects and policy assignments in South Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, including a two year assignment in New Delhi. Today I am a member of the Management Group of the Nordic Investment Bank, where I lead a team of bankers that finance energy, environment and infrastructure projects.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the York PPE degree has been a good grounding for an international career at the intersection of public policy, economics and finance. It gave me a set of analytical tools and inter-personal skills that have served me well in professional life.

I left the PPE degree with a personal appreciation of the need for greater social justice, and with a set of skills to permit me to follow a career to this end.