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Dan Roberts (PPE)

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I've always been rather sceptical of people who claim their alma mater was the making of them, but breaking into the shrinking world of journalism would certainly have been a lot harder without the highly enjoyable experience of studying PPE at York. The room to experiment with student journalism and forge links with local newspapers was certainly part of it, but the inter-disciplinary nature of the course itself is something I have frequently been thankful for.

In a world of mathematical illiterates, the rigour of the economics syllabus helped me move from local papers in York and Birmingham into business journalism at the Financial Times and Daily Telegraph. I would have been even more at sea running the national news desk or the Washington office of the Guardian without the basic understanding of political theory that York provided.

It's a course and a university that lets you find your own path rather than taking you by the hand, but if, like me, you've never been entirely sure where that path will lead, you'll love it.

Most of all, I think the practical and unpretentious way philosophy is taught brings life skills that most professions would benefit from - from confidence with language and complexity, to arguing the toss with aggressive spin doctors. 

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