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Where are our graduates now?

Claire Sherwin (PPE)

Having spent a very happy 3 years studying PPE in the School of PEP, I joined the Nestle graduate scheme, not only because of the fantastic smell of chocolate that welcomes you as you enter the site, but that did play its part!

When I arrived at the assessment centre, one of the first comments I got from one of my interviewees was "Well, you can’t just ignore a degree like PPE", which immediately filled me with confidence, enabling me to perform at my best throughout the assessment.

Claire Sherwin alumnus

A degree from the School of PEP is not only an enabler for securing your dream job; it also supports you whilst you are working. Having finished my graduate scheme at Nestle, I moved to be a Human Capital Management Consultant at EY, where there is a huge emphasis on continuous learning. Studying at the School of PEP gave me a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning, which will naturally show through your work and truly enhance your career progression. It also gives you an aptitude for analytics and logic, which will not only help you in technical aspects of your work, but will also help you shape your communication to ensure you are extremely effective at work. Something as simple as setting out an email in a clear, logical and concise way can make a real difference in the workplace, and is a skill that can take a lot of practice and experience to master. The way a PEP degree helps you format and organise your thoughts makes your communication with colleagues extremely effective and will make you stand out as young talent.

Taking advantage of all the opportunities the School of PEP offers you is not only great fun but also beneficial. Having been heavily involved with graduate recruitment in both my jobs post-York, I know that companies are constantly looking for those who are a cut above the rest, so what you do outside your studies can be vital. The School offers a wide variety of interesting lectures, and of course there is the Club of PEP to get involved in.

A degree from the School of PEP opens many doors for you, but you have to seize all the opportunities the School gives you to walk through those doors!