Political Theory

We are internationally recognised for our world-leading research in political theory, which encompasses analytical political philosophy, the history of political thought, traditions of critical theory, and democratic, legal and moral thought.

We have ongoing research interests in a wide range of areas including ideas of democratic representation, financial regulation, taxation, and social justice; European political, religious, and social thought between the Wars; historic structural injustice; feminist theory; capability and disability; pragmatism and the politics of cultural diversity; critical theory and the critique of political economy; the nature of autonomy; the genealogy of liberalism, popular sovereignty, and populism.

Current projects include:




17 Jan 2017 - Professor John O'Neill (Manchester)
"Hume, Republicanism and Relations to Posterity"

31 Jan 2017 - Dr Paul Sagar (Cambridge)
"István Hont and Political Theory"

14 Feb 2017 - Dr Patrick Tomlin (Reading)
"On Limited Aggregation"

28 Feb 2017 - Professor Cécile Laborde (Oxford)
"Collective Religious Rights: Two Interests"

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