Political Theory

We are internationally recognised for our world-leading research in political theory, which encompasses analytical political philosophy, the history of political thought, traditions of critical theory, and democratic, legal and moral thought.

We have ongoing research interests in a wide range of areas including ideas of democratic representation, financial regulation, taxation, and social justice; European political, religious, and social thought between the Wars; historic structural injustice; feminist theory; capability and disability; pragmatism and the politics of cultural diversity; critical theory and the critique of political economy; the nature of autonomy; the genealogy of liberalism, popular sovereignty, and populism.

Current projects include:

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Research projects


Political Theory workshop

Tuesday, 12 noon - 2pm | SLB/204 (2nd Floor)

30 October 2018 
Joseph Hoover, Queen Mary, University of London. 
Developing a Situationist Global Justice Theory.

13 November 2018 
Josh Milburn, University of York. 
Animal Rights without the Abolition of Animal Agriculture.

27 November 2018 
Rossella De Bernardi, University of York. 
Political Liberals' Respect.

15 January 2019 
Gabriele Badano and Alasia Nuti, University of York. 
Going beyond the limits of conjecture: Positional duties and the counter-radicalisation of unreasonable religious views.

29 January 2019 
Mathias Thaler, University of Edinburgh. 
Black Dreams, not Nightmares: Critical Dystopias and the Necessity of Melancholic Hope.

12 February 2019
Lucia Rubinelli, University of Cambridge. 
Languages of Constituent Power.

26 February 2019 
Sarah Bufkin, All Souls, University of Oxford.
The Politics of White Misrecognition and Practices of Racial Inequality.

12 March 2019 
Waseem Yaqoob, University of Cambridge.
Hannah Arendt's revolutionary republicanism: a reinterpretation

23 April 2019 
Kimberley Brownlee, University of Warwick.

7 May 2019 
Sara Fine, King's College London.

21 May 2019 
Hagar Kotef, SOAS. 
The Colonizing Self: An Analytics of Violence in Belonging.

4 June 2019
Jeffrey Howard, University College London.