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Virginia De Biasio


Title of Research:

Natural Resources Justice and Capabilities

Brief overview of research topic:

Access to natural resources is vital for the satisfaction of basic human needs. Since natural resources are necessary drivers to a flourishing existence, an account of justice ought to regulate their correct use. My research focuses on theories of distributive justice and territorial rights that are concerned with the fair distribution of natural resources among individuals and communities at the global level. The aim is to ground a new theoretical framework to address this issue and to solve existing shortcomings in current theories of natural resources justice, by relying on the concept of capabilities as the correct metric of justice.



  • Visiting Research Student at the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) – Fall term 2021 – Supervisor: Prof Margaret Moore
  • BA Philosophy (University of Padova) – 2014-2017 (09/2015- 02/2016: Erasmus+ Programme at the Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • MSc Politics, Economics and Philosophy (University of Hamburg) – 2017-2019  

Conference Presentations

Publications / Conference Presentations

  • 2021 HKU Legal and Political Theory Postgraduate Conference – Paper: “Beyond theories of territorial rights: applying a capabilitarian framework to the redistribution of natural resources” (5-7 May 2021)
  • XI Braga Meetings On Ethics and Political Philosophy – Paper: “Natural Resources and Capabilities” (9-11 June 2021)
  • XIX Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy – Paper: “Natural Resources and Capabilities” (17-18 September 2021)
  • 8th Annual Post Graduate International Political Theory Conference at St Andrews University – Paper: “Natural Resources and Capabilities” (24 September 2021)
  • Third Annual Amsterdam Grad Conference in Political Theory – Paper: “Natural Resources and Capabilities” (6-8 December 2021)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant – Introduction to Political Theory (University of York, Department of Politics)

Virginia De Biasio

Virginia is supervised by Dr Gabriele Badano (Politics) and Dr Martin O'Neill (Philosophy)

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Ms Virginia De Biasio