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Thomas Ron


Title of Research:

'Populist Factions in Mainstream Parties'.

Brief overview of research topic:

I explore the behaviour of populist factions in mainstream parties.  There is literature about populism on the fringes but increasingly populists have taken the leadership of traditionally social democratic or Christian democratic parties.  Populists often define themselves by opposition to oligarchic structures but political parties tend towards oligarchy this provides a challenge for these factions.  This thesis intends to explore mainstream parties on the left and the right who have been taken over by populists, and aims to establish why these populists took over and what has been the main obstacle to their leadership and how they have managed those obstacles.



MA in Political Research (York)

BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (York)


Publications / conferences

Thatcherism Now Conference 2018 – co-presented with Ben Whisker


GTA in Introduction to International Politics 2017-18

GTA in Introduction to Democratic Politics 2018-19

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Thomas is co-supervised by Professor Neil Carter and Dr Ignacio Jurado

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Mr Thomas Ron