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Climate change as an emerging threat to peace and security: Implications for South Asia

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The aim of my PhD research is to address the impact of climate change on peace and security in South Asia with different angles at national levels. The highlight of the research is how climate change impacts food and water security along with various projects and planning in South Asia. Additionally, the research will also explore how climate related vulnerability in South Asia changes national and regional security contexts and can act as a threat multiplier, exacerbating already existing social tensions in the region. Research will also help to address the implications of declining water levels, refugee movements, and resource conflicts for the regional and national security interests of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Research will help to identify the regions which are particularly susceptible to climate-induced conflict and in what manner will climate change threaten regional and national stability and security. The research will also find out how the continued conflict, resource mismanagement, and low socio-economic development affect national and regional security along with key policy and (multilevel) governance challenges.



MSc in Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism (Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, India)

BSc in Forensic Science (Teerthanker Mahaveer University, India)

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Presented five research papers at International Conferences.

Participated in at least 15 conferences and workshops at national / international level



Sushil is supervised by Dr Joao Nunes and Professor Graeme Davies

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