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Dr Carlos Solar


Title of research

The governance of organised crime in Chile

Brief overview of research topic

Carlos’ thesis explores how Chile’s public security institutions have engaged in network governance to confront organised crime since re-democratisation. To enlighten this puzzle, his dissertation draws upon historical institutionalism and policy network theoretical approaches.

Carlos is finishing his writing-up and starting a further research agenda exporting the Anglo-Saxon governance debate to case studies in the developing world in order to examine how socio-political actors shape democratic policy through horizontal and interactive governing.

Carlos was awarded his PhD in 2017.


BA Journalism (Catholic University of Chile)

MA Political Science (Catholic University of Chile)

Visiting Researcher (University of California, Los Angeles, Latin American Institute) August to September 2013

Visiting Fellow (University of Montreal, International Centre for Comparative Criminology) March to April 2014

Publications / Conferences

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Police bribery: Is corruption fostering dissatisfaction with the political system?, Democracy and Security, 2015, 11(4): 373-394

The governance of defense and policymaking in Chile, Latin American Policy, 2015, 6(2): 205-225

The inter-institutional governance of money laundering: an in-depth look at Chile following re-democratisation, Global Crime, 2015, 16(4): 328-350

Review essays

State, violence and security in Mexico: Developments and consequences for democracy, Mexican Studies, 2014, 30 (1): 241-255

Book reviews

"The Handbook of Governance and Security", by James Sperling Political Studies Review Forthcoming in February 2016, volume 14, issue 1.

"International Security: The Contemporary Agenda", by Roland Dannreuther Political Studies Review, 2015, 12 (1): 102-103

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Collaborations in books

Halpern, D. 2010. Gestión de crisis: Teoría y práctica de un modelo comunicacional. Ril Editores: Santiago, Chile, pp. 177-188

Conference presentations

Newcastle University (CLACS), March 2015

Department of Politics (Graduate Colloquium), University of York, February 2015

World International Security Conference (WISC), Frankfurt, August 2014

British Society of Criminology (BSC), Liverpool, July 2014

Postgraduates in Latin American Studies (PILAS), Sheffield, June 2014

Department of Economics, University of York, May 2014

International Studies Association (ISA-West), Pasadena, California, September 2013

Summer School on Latin American Politics (ECPR-GIGA), Hamburg, July 2013

British International Studies Association (BISA), Birmingham, June 2013

Postgraduate in Latin American Studies (PILAS), Liverpool, June 2013

European Society of Criminology (ESC), Bilbao, September 2012

International Political Science Association (IPSA), Madrid, July 2012


Tutor on Introduction to International Politics

Tutor on Human Rights and Wrongs in a Globalised World

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Carlos was supervised by Dr Adam White and Professor Martin Smith

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Dr Carlos Solar