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Jean-Paul Skeete


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What effect is the motorsports industry having on the transition to low-carbon technologies in the private car market?

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The World Endurance Championship (WEC) and more recently Formula One (F1) have both incorporated hybrid technology into their racing programmes. We also had the world’s first all-electric racing series - Formula E - launched in 2014. With several automakers directly involved in these racing programmes, what are the implications downstream for the private car market? To what extent will these racing technologies plot the course of technological evolution in road cars?

Jean-Paul's PhD was awarded in 2018.


B.A. Theologial studies

M.Sc. International Trade Policy

Publications / Conferences

Services Scoop 2014 (Publication)


Tutor: Politics, Power and Society

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Jean-Paul was supervised by Professor Neil Carter and Dr Samarthia Thankappan

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Jean-Paul Skeete