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Shaswati Das


Title of Research:

Why violence prevails: Understanding jihadism in Kashmir

Brief overview of research topic:

Shaswati’s research examines jihadist violence in Kashmir – an area characterised by contestation over territorial autonomy between India and Pakistan. It investigates three dominant jihadist groups in the region from the perspectives of Social Movement and Resource Mobilisation theories. Broadly, the project examines factors that provide agency for jihadism to grow and proliferate in this region.



BA (Hons) Economics from the University of Delhi (India)

Masters in Mass Communication from Symbiosis International University (Pune, India)

Field experience

10 years as a field reporter, the last five years were spent covering various conflict and disaster zones in the Indian subcontinent

Teaching Experience

Introduction to International Politics

phot of PhD student Shaswati Das

Shaswati is supervised by Professor Graeme Davies and Dr Gyda Sindre

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Ms Shaswati Das