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Rowan Gould


Title of Research:

"Emancipating sexuality: a critical evaluation of sex within and without capitalism".

Brief overview of research topic:

Through my research, I intend to explore the extent to which sexuality is shaped and perhaps inhibited by capitalist economic relations. Through a mapping of existing Marxist-feminist and anarchist-feminist literature, I intend to construct a theoretical framework through which sexuality can be understood and, hopefully, emancipated from these conditions. My research will aim to address aspects of sexuality including normative heterosexuality and monogamy and will hopefully uncover the socio-economic structures that engender these normative relationship forms.




BSc in Politics and International Relations – University of Bath

MA in Political Theory – University of York


Rowan is supervised by Dr Alasia Nuti and Dr Sara de Jong

Rowan Gould

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Mr Rowan Gould