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Rodrigo Duque Estrada Campos


Title of Research:

Religion and public security policies in Brazil

Brief overview of research topic:

The focus of this research is on debates, formulation, and implementation of public security policies at a parliamentary level on the one hand, and on Evangelical civil society networks engaged in projects with security institutions on the other


Master’s degree in International Relations (2015-2017)
San Tiago Dantas Interinstitutional Postgraduate Program (São Paulo State University, Federal University of Campinas, Pontificate Catholic University of São Paulo)

Academic Exchange at the University of Guadalajara (2014), Mexico

Bachelor’s degree (First Class Honours) in International Relations (2010-2014)
Federal University of Pampa, Brazil


Recipient of a PhD scholarship, awarded by the Department of Politics, University of York.

Recipient of a MA scholarship, awarded by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel, Brazil.

Academic Laureate Award, received for highest GPA in the BA degree.


Blog publications

(2020) Did the Left elect the Right in Brazil? Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC) Blog.


(2020) No Way to Gaza: A Chronicle of Adventure and Fraud under the Egyptian Blockade. London: MEMO Publishers (with Renatho Costa and Lucas B. Diaz).

Journal publications

(2020) Other Enemies: the problem of war for Carl Schmitt and Pierre Clastres. Cadernos de Relações Internacionais e Defesa, 2(2), pp. 1-22.

(2019) Interview with Michael Apple. Educação em Revista, v. 35. pp. 1-14 (with Ricardo G. Severo).

(2019) Between Authoritarian Governments and Fascist Aspirations: from the international context to Brazil. Germinal: Marxismo e Educação em Debate, 11(2), pp. 16-24 (with Ricardo G. Severo and Sérgio B. Barcellos).

(2019) The Diffusion Network of the School without Party project on Facebook and Instagram: conservatism and reactionarism in the Brazilian conjuncture. Educ. Real. vol.44 no.3, pp. 1-28 (with Ricardo G. Severo and Suzane Gonçalves).

(2019) Religion and the New Wars Debate. Contexto Internacional, 41(1), pp. 163-186 (with Renatho Costa).

(2018) The Margins of the Margin: Brazilian Rhetoric for not recognizing the Arab Saharawi Democratic Republic. Africana Studia: International Journal of African Studies, 1:28, pp 1-21 (with Renatho Costa)

(2017) Independence or War in Western Sahara. Instituto Humanistas Online, v.17, n. 501, p.70 – 71 (with Renatho Costa).

(2014) The United States and the Maghreb-Sahel Region: securitization, militarization and terrorism. Leviathan - Cadernos de Pesquisa Política, v.5, p.124 – 150 (with Fernando P. de Mattos)

(2014) Western Sahara: history, geopolitics and perspectives for the ‘last colony’. Cadernos de Relações Internacionais, v.7, p.118 – 147.

(2013) Brazil’s Foreign Policy and the Western Sahara issue: the dynamics of neutrality and the possibilities for engagement. Revista Perspectiva, v.6, p.43 – 63 (with Carla Ricci)

(2011) Power and Identity in Africa: Imperialism in the Continent. Revista Perspectiva, v.04, p.143 – 162 (with Fernando Rieger and Camila Goncalves

Book chapters

(2018) The slow construction of Brazil’s South-American identity: regionalism and integration in Brazil’s discourse at the UN’s General Assembly. In: André Luiz Reis and Eduardo Swartman (eds.), Inserção Internacional do Brasil: Desafios da Política Externa e de Defesa.1 ed.Porto Alegre : Editora UFRGS, pp. 100-135 (with Fernando P. de Mattos and Eduardo Swartman)

(2016) Preliminary remarks towards a research agenda on Religion and International Relations. In: Anna Carletti and Marcos A. Ferreira (orgs.), Religião e Relações Internacionais: Dos Debates Teóricos ao Papel do Cristianismo e do Islã.1 ed.Paraná : Juruá Editora, 2016, pp. 53-86.


(2017) An Inquiry into the Moral and Religious Dimensions of International Politics: the Thought and Contribution of Rui Barbosa. Contexto Internacional, 39(1), pp. 53-73, 2017. Translated from Portuguese to English. Author: Raphael Spode.

(2016) Religion in International Relations: Theory and Practice. In: Anna Carletti and Marcos A. Ferreira (org.), Religião e Relações Internacionais: Dos Debates Teóricos ao Papel do Cristianismo e do Islã. Paraná: Juruá Editora. Translated from English to Portuguese. Author: Jeffrey Haynes.

(2015) Securitization and Desecuritization. Monções: Revista de Relações Internacionais, 4(8), pp. 237-275. Translated from English to Portuguese. Author: Ole Waever.

(2013) Anarchy is What States Make of It: The Social Construction of Power Politics. Monções: Revista de Relações Internacionais, 2(3), pp. 420-473. Translated from English to Portuguese: Author: Alexander Wendt.


Substitute Teacher in International Relations (2017-2019)

Federal University of Pelotas

Modules: Geopolitics, International Organizations, International Cooperation, Comparative Politics, Methodologies of the Social Sciences, International Conjuncture.

Research interests

Far-Right Politics

The Political Philosophy of Carl Schmitt

Religion and International Politics

The conflicts in Western Sahara and Palestine

Critical Security Studies

Rodrigo Duque Estrada Campos

Rodrigo is supervised by Dr Alejandro Pena

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Mr Rodrigo Duque Estrada Campos