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Rai Mansoor Imtiaz Khan


Title of Research:

Why do people (voters) stick with political parties rejected by ‘political guardians’ in establishmentarian democracies?

Brief overview of research topic:

My research aims to fill the void in the literature ‘Pakistani electoral politics and military tutelage’ and aims to not only identify the causes which kept Pakistan a hybrid regime but also the factor (political awareness), which has weakened military’s influence over politics and neo-patrimonialism (traditional voting choices, such as biradarism, landlordism) in the country. Apparently, the military tentacles seem more robust, and its hold in the politics more strict than before but on the other side, the anti-establishment and pro-democratic voices are able to give strong resistance to it. In the light of these political changes, people, as voters, start holding heart-warming connexions with party leaders and place their trust in political parties rather than non-democratic institutions i.e. ‘military’.



MRes Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham, UK.

MPhil Political Science, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore.

MA Political Science, University of the Punjab

Rai Mansoor Imtiaz

Rai is supervised by Dr Indrajit Roy and Dr Rob Aitken

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Mr Rai Mansoor Imtiaz Khan