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Paulina Flores Martinez


Title of Research:

The governance of sustainability in Mexico’s agro-export sector: A global value chain approach

Brief overview of research topic:

The aim of my research is to investigate the governance of sustainability with respect to Mexico’s agro-export sector. Specifically, to explore the participation of Mexican farmers and agribusinesses in global value chains (GVCs), in the face of increasing evidence of strong linkages between agriculture, climate change and biodiversity loss. Globally, agriculture is among the largest contributors to man-made climate change, principally through land use change (deforestation) and methane gas emissions. These effects are having significant feedback loops for the sustainability of agriculture itself, especially through increased water scarcity and soil degradation. I wish to identify and measure actions to mitigate these feedback loops by using a global value chain (GVC) approach.


Paulina is a researcher on the PhD in Environment and Politics



Master’s degree in Administration and Public Policy, 2014 – 2016.
Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico City.
• Exchange semester in Sciences Po, Paris, France (Fall 2015).

Bachelor’s in Economics, 2008 – 2013.
Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), Michoacán, Mexico


Flores-Martínez, P. & Salas-Ortiz, A. (2017) « Lo público en la política de cambio climático en México. » (The public issue of the Climate Change Policy in Mexico). Dfensor. Revista de Derechos humanos. Número 5, año XV, Mayo. ISSN: 2395-9940. In Spanish.


« Panorama actual de la disposición de basura en el tiradero a cielo abierto de Tarímbaro, Michoacán: una visión socio-económica. » (Status of waste disposal in an open-air dump Municipality of Tarímbaro, Michoacán, Michoacán: a socio-economic review). (2014). Ciencia Nicolaita. UMSNH. ISSN: 2007-7068.

Paulina Flores Martinez

Paulina is supervised by Professor Tony Heron and Dr Chris West

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Ms Paulina Flores Martinez