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Hafiza Nur Adeen Nor Ahmad


Title of Research:

"Exploring trajectories of groups' mobilisation and behaviour among Islamist radical movements in Malaysia: From radical domestic movements to foreign-oriented militancy (1980s-2016)".

Brief overview of research topic:

This thesis aims to explore the anomalous choices made by Islamist radical movements in Malaysia, in relation to their foreign and domestic activities. First, what has encouraged radical Islamist movements to join foreign-oriented militancy and fight abroad? And secondly, what has prevented some of these radical actors from acting similarly at the domestic level, where they have not yet posed a serious threat to the Malaysian state? The research is focused at the macro-level, seeking to understand the pathways of Islamist radical action in relation to their modes of interaction with the state. This research does not focus on micro-level and individual motivations. 

Adeen's research is sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.



2013, MA in International Relations, University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus)

2010, BHsc in Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia



(2016) Malaysian foreign fighters from past to present: Different pathways to terror, Middle East Institute, Washington DC. Aug 16, 2016. Available at

Newspaper articles

(2015) Serangan Paris 11/13 dan fenomena militan asing (Paris Attack 11/13 and the foreign fighters), Nov 15.2016, The Malay Mail Online, Available at

Available at where Adeen’s articles previously published at Malaysian Insider, and now replaced by Malaysian Insight:

Understanding the geopolitics behind the Taliban killings, Available at

The clash between terror organisations, Available at


Adeen is a member of Department of International Relations, Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Heritage, University Malaysia Sabah and Associate researcher at Iman Research in Kuala Lumpur, focused on the study of counterterrorism and political violence. 


Adeen is a consultant at the International Insitute of Islamic Civilisation and Malay World (ISTAC) for the research entitled “Understanding Extremist Discourse: Intervention and Rehabilitation: Bridging the Gap between Stakeholders in Malaysia and Southeast Asia”. She is also a consultant for the co-development of Preventing Counter-Violent Extremism, a one-year research project (October, 2018-September, 2019) of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), ISTAC and the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), University of Maryland (US). Under this research collaboration project, she will be in charge of the co-developer software of Geo-Spatial instrument for “Spaces of Extremism: Locating Where to Protect and Where to Communicate” – using a traditional and emerging spatial analysis to identify vulnerable locations in Malaysia that could serve as incubators for extremist activity.

Adeen is supervised by Dr Alejandro Pena and Dr Claire Smith

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Ms Adeen Nor Ahmad