Farhad Moshtagh Sefat


Title of Research:

"Political Economy of Iran: Institutions vs. Culture".

Brief overview of research topic:

Some New Institutionalists (e.g. North, Wallis, Weingast (2009). Violence and Social Orders: A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History) identify “violence” as the cause of underdevelopment. Violence in developing societies, it is claimed, is the outcome of the inability of institutional framework to incorporate new powerful individuals and organizations into the dominant coalition since it disturbs “rent distribution”. The equilibrium is the outcome of institutional framework generated by “system of beliefs”, cognitive mental patterns and culture. Farhad's research is a case study of Political Economy of Iran using a reformed version of that conceptual framework.

Farhad completed his research in 2017.



PhD candidate,

MA (English Lit),

BA (English Lang. & Lit)



Conference Presentations:

27thApril 2012: “Independence in Iran: How a Locally Developed Institution Changed World Politics”. Paper presented in the Conference of “Ideas, Institutions, and International Politics: Exploring the Interactions”, University of York. http://www.york.ac.uk/politics/research/conferences/icprc/#tab-2

Nov. 2011: “Political Economy of Iran”, presented in the PhD students Seminar Series, Dep. of Politics, University of York.

20th Oct. 2010: “Development in Iran: Institutions vs. Culture”. Paper presented in the “Economic Reform and Privatization Policies” in the Middle East Forum, University of Durham, https://www.dur.ac.uk/sgia/ereform/



Since Oct 2010: “Politics, Power, Society” (PPS) and “Introduction to International Relations” (IIP) in the Dep. of Politics, University of York. http://www.york.ac.uk/politics/our-staff/#tab-4


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Farhad is supervised by Dr Louise Haagh and Dr Rob Aitken

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Mr Farhad Moshtagh Sefat