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Matthieu Foulon


Title of Research:

"The politics of food trade liberalization in East Asia".

Brief overview of research topic:

Matthieu is interested in the study of the potential impact of tensions on global food markets (high prices, export bans, sanitary issues) on the known drivers of agricultural trade liberalization. Specifically, Matthieu is looking at the preferential trades agreements (PTAs) signed by South Korea in the wake of the 2008 food crisis, focusing on the influence of external shocks on agricultural imports on the preferences of actors and domestic institutions at the core of the design of trade policy

His methodology is based on the analysis of documents and interviews with actors involved in the negotiation of PTAs, supported by process-tracing methods to identify the causal mechanisms that led to the liberalization of agricultural trade.



Masters in International Relations from IRIS Sup' (Paris, France)

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Matthieu is supervised by Dr Jappe Eckhardt and Dr Joao Nunes

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Mr Matthieu Foulon