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Matt Barlow


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Governing Through Emergency: Taxation in Argentina under the Kirchners (2003-2015)

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Matt’s research is focused on Argentina and engages conceptually with a period labelled as post-neoliberal or the ‘pink-tide’ — which occurred throughout Latin America in the early-2000s. More succinctly his research engages with Political Economy of Development debates through tax design in Argentina. Emergency taxation was levied in the aftermath of the 2001 Argentine default as part of a national crisis response. This reform, initiated in a time of emergency and accepted as such, was a key policy aimed at (re)building the capacity of the Argentine state. With the framing of this emergency taxation sitting squarely within the regional shift back towards state-sponsored development, tax on natural resources and debates around resource dependency have been brought back to the forefront. 



BA (Hons) First class in Language Studies (Spanish) Leeds Metropolitan University 

MA Business (Distinction) Leeds Beckett University

Publications etc

Is Latin American Neostructuralism sustainable?” Journal of Business Management 14, no. 1 (Dec 2017)

Matt was part of the Organising Committee for the 2019 PILAS (Postgraduates in Latin American Studies) Conference at the University of York 4th-5th June 2019

Matt was a 2019 Visiting Researcher at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires (see his profile in Spanish here)

Matt presented at the Conference Challenges for Latin America in The Age of Globalisation - 6th December 2019, the paper: The Legitimacy of Emergency Taxation in Argentina: The first Kirchnerismo

Debt and More Debt: The cost of the response to Covid-19 in Argentina
1st May 2020
Argentina is trying to tax its way out of another financial crisis - why that's so risky
7th May 2020 co-authored with Alejandro Peña
(Spanish version)
¿Puede Argentina encontrar una salida a otra crisis? No es tan fácil
16th May 2020 co-authored with Alejandro Peña
Journal Article
Repurposing NGO data for better research outcomes; a scoping review of the use and secondary analysis of NGO data in health policy and systems research


Matt teaches on 'Introduction to International Politics'

Matthew Barlow

Matt is supervised by Dr Alejandro Pena and Professor Jean Grugel

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Mr Matt Barlow