Accessibility statement

Luke Carroll


Title of Research:

"Gentrification: a critique of the contemporary urban dream-world".

Brief overview of research topic:

Drawing from critical theory, psychoanalysis, and marxist theories of aesthetics, my project seeks to ask “what makes people enjoy gentrified space?”.

Through the writings of Walter Benjamin, Luke seeks to suggest that the aesthetic of gentrified spaces, and the ‘desirable’ aesthetic sensibilities of gentrifiers, are expressive of the form taken by alienation under contemporary capitalism.

By connecting desire to the broader political economy of gentrification Luke aims to provide an understanding of this phenomena which recognises the significant role of the subject, while simultaneously revealing the historical content within this subjectivity.



BA in Social and Political Sciences (York)

MA in International Political Economy (York)


Conference presentations:

Luke presented a paper titled “Spinoza and Gentrification” at Nanterre for the “Political Culture and Political Movements in the Neoliberal city”



Luke is the coordinator for SPS Peer Assisted Learning.

He also teaches State, Economy & Society in the Department of Politics and Introduction to Sociological Theory in the Department of Sociology. 

Luke Carroll

Luke is supervised by Dr Simon Parker (Politics) and Dr Gareth Millington (Sociology)

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Mr Luke Carroll