May Elin Jonsson


Title of Research:

"Education Aid & National Interest: A Study of DFID & USAID Education Aid to Kenya".

Brief overview of research topic:

May’s research is a comparative and critical analysis of USAID and DFID's education aid policy discourse. The aim of the study is to identify how American and British national interest is reflected in the formulation of their foreign education aid policies and programmes in Kenya. Furthermore, the research looks at the drive behind education aid, and how this correlates with the rising securitization of foreign aid.  

 May Elin is studying on the PhD in Postwar Recovery Studies programme.




2014 MA: International Security, Trinity Washington University (USA)

2012 Global Affairs & Diplomacy, International Business School (USA)

2011 BA: Cultural Science, University of Stavanger (Norway)


Tutor in Politics, Power & Society

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May Elin is supervised by Professor Tony Heron and Dr Liam Clegg

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Ms May Elin Jonsson