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Jesse Machin


Title of Research:

Beyond existing theories of citizenship: towards securing the rights of stateless groups through legal self-determination.

Brief overview of research topic:

Stateless groups, without a recognised nationality, are some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our international community. Despite continued efforts to prevent and reduce statelessness, there remain significant legal and political-theoretical barriers that foreclose the possibility of self-determination for stateless groups.

In my research, I explore how leading theories of citizenship might compound this problem by overlooking the rights-bearing capacity of stateless groups. This project challenges conventional ideas about citizenship in light of the problem of group statelessness. It searches for new ideas about citizenship that could help secure the rights of stateless groups by grounding legal claims to self-determination. 



BA Linguistics

LLM Legal and Political Theory

MA Social Research

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Jesse is co-supervised by Professor Matthew Festenstein and Dr Alasia Nuti

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Jesse Machin