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James McKendry


Title of Research:

"Disaggregating European (dis)integration: a comparative analysis of the Eurozone and Schengen crises".

Brief overview of research topic:

This research examines the extent to which crisis resolution outcome divergence presents a theoretical challenge to the existing logics of EU integration. In essence, it is exploring if, and to what extent, the Eurozone Crisis and Schengen Crisis represent a divergence and/or paradigm-shifting development in the history of European integration. This analysis is underpinned by an exploration of politicisation rates and regulatory non-compliance.



BA Politics

MA European Politics

MA Social Research


Graduate Teaching Assistant

Currently: Introduction to International Politics

Previously: “What is Politics?” and “International Political Economy and Business”

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James is supervised by Dr Eva Heims and Dr Nicole Lindstrom

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Mr James McKendry