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Hongyuan Du


Title of Research:

'The food safety regulation of online catering services in China: a network of social co-governance'.

Brief overview of research topic:

As the online-to-offline (O2O) catering business has turned out to be an emerging market in food business, its food safety issues are challenging the recent food safety regulatory framework. Hence, social co-governance, as one of the principles in the national food safety law, is in demand for the reform of recent regulatory framework for purpose of food safety governance in O2O catering service, but the implementation of social co-governance is in question regarding its existence. Hence, this thesis will examine the nature of social co-governance in the food safety regulation of online catering service in China through an empirical analysis, interpreting how social co-governance working mechanisms exist.



BA in English Translation and Interpretation, Sun Yat-Sen University

MA in Conflict, Governance and Development, University of York

MA in Political Research, University of York



Hongyuan Du

Hongyuan is supervised by Professor Martin Smith

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Mr Hongyuan Du