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James Hickson


Title of Research:

"A republican critique of precarity? Freedoms, norms, and structural domination".

Brief overview of research topic:

"Precarity" is an increasingly urgent problem in our working lives. Pervasive neoliberal market norms of flexibility and competitiveness are seen to give employers greater discretionary power over staff, and working life is ever more insecure, unstable, and uncertain. Percarity is also evident in the pressure to sell yourself, network relentlessly and spend leisure time researching or gaining skills to set you apart in the labour market. Unsurprisingly, precarity creates feelings of frustration, passivity, perpetual insecurity, stress, fear, and a lack of purpose in individuals.

My research seeks to give this problem a political vocabulary and to provide a normative response. To do this I will explore to what extent the republican conception of freedom as non-domination provides a fruitful starting point from which to achieve these aims.




BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations (Royal Holloway, University of London), First

MA Legal and Political Theory (UCL) Distinction


Conference Presentations:

"Elitism in Pettit's Contestatory Republic and McCormick's People's Tribunate", presented to the Bringing the People back into Republican Democracy workshop at the MANCEPT conference, University of Manchester, September 2014


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James was supervised by Dr Martin O'Neill

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