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Eli Auslender


Title of Research:

'Housing and Integration for Refugees in Germany: Multi-level Governance Implementation and the Impact on the EU'.

Brief overview of research topic:

Germany faces a unique challenge, both in terms of its structured federalism and in terms of bridging a cultural divide: how can the more than 1.5 million refugees welcomed into Germany since 2014 be readily enabled to participate in German society? Eli's project focuses on the role housing plays in refugee integration and the most efficient ways housing policy can be carried out in a given city, looking at the structures of multi-level governance in the case studies of Berlin and Leverkusen, and finally looks upward to the impact these policies and structures will have on the EU’s refugee policies going forward.

Eli's other interests include European Union policymaking, environmental policy, and space policy.



MSc in International Relations, London School of Economics





eli auslender

Eli is supervised by Dr Simon Parker

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Mr Eli Auslender