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Diane Kirkwood


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What is the nature of Britain’s values divide and how does it impact upon the party system?

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My thesis explores the socio-cultural cleavages that constitute the cultural dimension of British politics. This dimension has been growing in significance but also changing in character since the emergence of new social movements from the mid-1960s onwards. What is the nature of the cultural dimension of British politics today? Which terms can we use to best describe it? In addition, the thesis examines the impact of contemporary socio-cultural cleavages on the party system. Given that with an economic dimension and a cultural dimension we now have a two-dimensional political space, how does that affect the quality of voters’ representation at the party level?



BA Politics, University of Sheffield

MA International Relations, University of Durham


Why Britain's values divide should matter to Labour The UK in a Changing Europe (January 2020)


QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) achieved 2005

Diane Kirkwood

Diane is supervised by Professor Neil Carter and Dr Sofia Vasilopoulou

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Ms Diane Kirkwood