Jay A. Coombs


Title of Research:

"Border Politics: Framing and Legitimation of the Belize-Guatemala Dispute 2000 - 2013".

Brief overview of research topic:

Jay's research investigates the persistent Belize-Guatemala border dispute and territorial claim. She undertakes a constructivist approach, and conducts a close processual analysis of the interests and ideas of these two states to explain how the dispute has been constructed and represented since its emergence. In particular, she analyses two of the most recent, and significant points in the process of dispute settlement attempts, specifically the facilitation process of 2000-2002 and the proposed 2013 joint national referendum for the submission of the claim to the International Court of Justice. Her aim is to explain why these attempts have failed and to understand how specific factors have rendered the process with limited success. 

 Jay's PhD was awarded in 2018.



MSc Development Policy and Planning, University of Wales, Swansea


Coombs, J and Berthin, Gerardo (2017) Can international conventions against corruption influence national policy? Initial evidence from Latin America  Democracy & Society Volume 14 2016-2017

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Jay was supervised by Professor Tony Heron and Dr Alex Hall

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Mrs Jay Coombs