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Mihnea Cătuţi


Title of Research:

"EU Energy Policy in the Post-Maastricht Era: A Case for New Intergovernmentalism?".

Brief overview of research topic:

Mihnea’s thesis analyses whether the new intergovernmentalism theory of European integration can explain the development of the European Union’s energy policy since 1992. His research looks at the interplay between the EU’s supranational and intergovernmental bodies, focusing on the three main branches of EU energy policy: the internal energy market, security of supply and climate change.

His other research interests include Europeanisation and EU enlargement.




BSc Politics and Sociology, University of Bristol, First class Honours

MA Public Policy: European Public Policy, Central European University and University of York, Distinction



Introduction to Democratic Politics (2017/18)

Papers and publications

Lindstrom, N. and Cătuţi, M. ’The Politics of Internal and External Migration in the Enlarged EU: Romania and Bulgaria from Policy-takers to Policy-makers?’, in Schweiger, C. and Visvizi, A. (eds.), Central and Eastern Europe in the EU: Challenged and Perspectives Under Crisis Conditions, Abingdon: Routledge Publishers

Cătuţi, M. (2015), ‘The Europeanization of the Romanian Environmental Policy’,SPAISWorking Papers, 3-15

Mihnea is supervised by Professor Neil Carter and Dr Simona Davidescu

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Mr Mihnea Cătuţi