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Alex Tebble


Title of Research:

'On the Genealogy of Liberalism'

Brief overview of research topic:

My interest is in 19th and 20th century political thought. My research looks at the historical development of liberalism and the ways in which its history was rewritten and presented as an intellectual tradition, with a particular focus on L. T. Hobhouse, R. G. Collingwood, Isaiah Berlin, and John Rawls. I am interested in the shifting meanings of liberalism, the ways its history has been interpreted and used, and the differing characterisations of its heroes and villains, such as Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche. My research aims to reflect on what we mean by liberalism as a tradition.



MA Political Theory

BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics


Book Reviews

'The Lost History of Liberalism - Helena Rosenblatt' - LSE Review of Books [Online:]
'Marx's Inferno - William Clare Roberts' - Political Studies Review, Vol.16 (1)

Conference Presentations

'Where Liberalism Begins and Toleration Ends: Locke on atheism and Rawls' 'unreasonable'' - CRASSH, Cambridge (2019)
'Marx and Capitalist Vampires: is exploitation an injustice?' - Wars of Position, Manchester (2017)
'Marx and Nietzsche on the Future of Democracy' - White Rose Colloquium, Sheffield (2017)


Introduction to Political Theory

Topics in PPE

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Alex is supervised by Professor Tim Stanton and Professor Werner Bonefeld

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