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Adel Al-Hawatmeh


Title of Research:

Effectiveness of the Economic Sanctions in Nuclear Non-proliferation: An Iranian Case Study 2006-2013

Brief overview of research topic:

Adel will examine the effectiveness of the economic sanctions on nuclear non-proliferation by focusing on the Iranian case. The research question is: What is the relationship between the economic sanctions’ impacts and social impact on policy change in Iran related to its nuclear programme and international negotiations to constrain its nuclear programme? Adel will trace the relationship between economic impacts, social impact and policy change in Iran by; Firstly, analyzing the role of imposed economic sanctions (Embargo, boycott, travel ban, and assets freeze) on inflation; investments and GDP consequently on the Iranian society. Secondly, examining the linkage between increased social challenges such as (corruption, crimes, and unemployment) and social discontent, in order to understand the Iranians’ tendency toward political participation (demonstrations and voting preferences) as a social impact to influence policy change in Iran.    



BSc : Politics, 2001
MSc : Politics, 2004


2010-2017 Lecturer at German Jordanian University “National Education” course

Adel Al-Hawatmeh

Adel is supervised by Dr Nick Ritchie

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Mr Adel Al-Hawatmeh