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Dr Paul McFadden
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Paul McFadden studied at Newcastle University where he was awarded his BA, MA and finally PhD for the thesis Work, Bodies and the Emerging Politics of Alienation in between spells as a waiter, recruiter, a call centre worker and an English teacher. Paul completed a scholarly visit to the University of York, Toronto, in 2014. His key research interest is the critique of the political economy of work, particularly in the “post-industrial society”. He likes travelling, the sounds that can be made with guitars, and is pretty good tavli player.



Paul’s research is concerned with bringing work back in to studies in political economy by challenging the distinctions made between philosophical, political and economic perspectives on social relations. It takes a historical approach, although one that focuses on the contemporary configuration of processes of capital accumulation in the so-called “new economy”, "knowledge economy”, “post-industrial society” and the various cognates used to describe recent transformations in economic and political life. He has published his work in Global Society, Historical Dictionary of Marxism; these and other works more brief and in progress can be read here.


Paul is currently working on a project to understand the relationship between technological development and the social relations in which anti-capitalist and anti-state political movements form and fail. He is also investigating the corporeality of creative labour in the advertising industry to understand political significance of the blurring of the boundaries between labour and life.



Paul has taught undergraduate students at stages 1, 2 and 3 in Political Economy, Political Theory, Politics, British Politics, International Politics, Sociology and Geography. He currently convenes the modules:
• POL00006I: State, Economy and Society
• PHI00105H: From Marx to Critical Theory


Paul has taught postgraduate taught and research students in the Philosophy of Social Science Research, Qualitative Methods and Political Economy.
He currently convenes the module:
• POL00006M: Critical Theories of International Political Economy


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