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Dr Barbara Yoxon
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Dr Barbara Yoxon is a Lecturer in Quantitative and Political Science. Her research focuses on comparative authoritarianism, war and peace studies, and democratization. Her work is a quantitative study investigating the impact of territorial disputes on the survival of authoritarian rule across the world. Other research interests include political psychology, sociology, and ethics, with a particular emphasis on anti-immigrant prejudice and far-right politics.

Barbara is currently a researcher on the UK team for the LIVEWHAT project, sponsored by the European Commission. The project aims to identify the various forms of individual and collective responses to the 2008 financial crisis in Europe.




As Barbara Yoxon:
Yoxon, B., Van Hauwaert, S., and Kiess. J. (forthcoming) 'Picking on Immigrants: A Cross-national Analysis of Individual-level Relative Deprivation and Authoritarianism as Predictors of Anti-foreign Prejudice', Acta Politica. 
Available at:
Grasso, M. T., Yoxon, B., Karampapas, S., and Temple, L. (forthcoming) ‘Voice or Exit in Times of Crisis? Relative Deprivation and Inequalities in Social and Political Action’, Acta Politica.
As Barbara Buraczynska:
English, P. M., Grasso, M. T., Buraczynska, B., Karampapas, S., and Temple, L. (2016) ‘Convergence on Crisis? Comparing Labour and Conservative Party Framing of the Economic Crisis 2008–2014’, Politics & Policy, 44 (3): 577-603.
Available at:
Temple, L., Grasso, M. T., Buraczynska, B., Karampapas, S., and English, P. M. (2016) ‘Neoliberal Framing in Hard Times: the Market Citizen in the UK Press (2007-2014)’, Politics & Policy, 44 (3): 553-576.
Available at:
Buraczynska, B. (2016) ‘Regional Security and Democratic Transitions: An Alternative Perspective’, in: Romaniuk, S. N., and Marlin, M., Democracy and Civil Society in a Global Era. New York: Taylor and Francis.



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