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Political and legal reflections on the Israel - Palestine conflict

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Tuesday 21 May 2024, 11.00PM to 12:30 PM

Speaker(s): Dr Piergiuseppe Parisi, Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR)

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Over the past eight months, the Gaza Strip has become the theatre of a bloody and relentless military operation by the Israeli Defence Forces in response to the October 7 attack orchestrated by Hamas against Israeli citizens. In this interactive session, we will attempt to provide some clarity around the ongoing hostilities by locating them in the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict and exploring some of the legal implications of the means and methods of warfare employed by the parties, including issues of criminal and state responsibility.

This event is intended to be informative and will provide space for questions from the audience. To facilitate this we expect all those attending to participate in a spirit that enables reflection and understanding, and to remain conscious and respectful of the views of others.

Speakers: Dr Piergiuseppe Parisi a lecturer from the Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) and Dr Jacob Erikkson a lecturer from the Department of Politics & International Relations

Location: University of York

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