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Roundtable on Inclusivity in the Curriculum

Wednesday 18 June 2014, 2.00PM to 4:00pm

Speaker(s): Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (UCL) Kenneth Bush (PRDU, University of York) Monica Brito-Vieira (University of York) Tom O’Shea (University of York) Sydney Calkin (University of York)

Following the June 4th departmental seminar on gender teaching, the next event on the theme on inclusivity in teaching will take place this Wednesday (June 18th) from 2-4pm. It will be a roundtable of politics researchers and political theorists discussing inclusivity (issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and disability) in the curriculum of their discipline, through the lens of their particular research interests. 

Location: RCSS Training Suite (The RCSS is located on Innovation Way in the Science Park)