MSc Fusion Energy - Research Project 

The project is an open-ended investigation which students conduct on their own (with supervisor support). Each project has a specific staff supervisor who will give advice and assistance as needed at regular supervisory meetings. The aim is to develop the ability to design, carry out and report on an extended investigation. The project will provide an opportunity for creativity and original thought, and will give access to cutting-edge fusion research. Available projects will vary from year to year, as particular topics intersect with the interests of members of the research group and their collaborators (examples of projects from previous years can be viewed here). It is likely that some projects each year will be based at Culham (e.g. on the MAST tokamak) or at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

The list of projects that were available for the 2015-16 MSc Fusion Energy students to choose from is available here: MSc FE Projects 2015-16 (PDF  , 594kb)