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Physics, 2004
Environmental Modeller

I started working with E.ON in September 2004, just after I graduated from York with a degree in Physics. I’ve been with them for nearly seven years now and am part of the New Build and Technology Global Unit which is the Group’s Scientific and Engineering unit. I am part of the Environmental Modelling team. We are responsible for modelling emissions released from power stations to ensure that they will not have a detrimental impact on the local environment. This includes emissions released to the atmosphere and into local water bodies.

I was initially attracted to York because of the campus and small city. When I went for my Open Day the guide who showed us round seemed to know everyone. The University’s small size means it is a close and friendly community and provided for great cheesy nights out. And it’s close enough to big cities like Leeds for big nights out if you fancy it.

It was the people at York which were really the highlight of the degree for me. The university provided the opportunity to meet a whole host of different people from places in both the UK and abroad. Besides my Physics degree which is obviously essential to my job, my time at York allowed for a lot of networking opportunities. I was able to meet a whole new set of people and get to know them really well.

"The Physics course itself is very highly rated. The lecturers were very good and supportive. I always felt they were approachable. I remember many of them conducted research projects which were always interesting."

I chose to study Physics both because I enjoyed it and I knew it meant there would be a wide range of careers available for me when I graduated.