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Mathematics and Physics, 2008
Engineer, BAE Systems

I started at BAE Systems the September after I graduated. I had been studying in Germany on the Year Abroad scheme in my third year which was a fantastic experience. The opportunity to study a year abroad is a huge perk at York. I had to do all my lectures in a foreign language and adapt to a completely different culture, which looks very impressive on your CV and give you lots to talk about at interview.

"I felt that my degree gave me an advantage at interview because the skills you learn are so diverse and adaptable. The numerical skills and analysis skills are extremely useful to the work I do. The degree really helps to keep your options open, as you gain the skills to adapt yourself to wherever you wanted to be."

I chose York because everything looked so appealing – the campus and city alike. The course and place both appealed to me and I loved it as soon as I saw it. Being able to do a joint degree was also a massive advantage, as it gives you a wider range of skills and opportunities.

I was the President of the University Gliding Club for a year, which was a further challenge that gave me lots to talk about at interview! It showed that I could handle lots of responsibility, and employers like to see that you are a well-rounded person outside of academic work. I also used to play college sport, swim, and had a Saturday job as well as my degree to do! They were all great talking points at interview and also make you good at managing your time - a question that's asked a lot in competency based interviews.

There are so many opportunities available to York and there is something for everyone, so grab the chance while you can!