CMpi Seminars

Professor Sir Harold Kroto giving the 2010 Cantor Nanoscience Lecture

The CMpi regularly hosts seminars from both external and internal speakers. These are often held in collaboration with other groups and centres across the University such as the York-JEOL Nanocentre and the Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI). See below for details of upcoming seminars.

In addition to CMpi seminars, informal talks and discussion group meetings relating to Condensed Matter Theory are regularly held, usually on Mondays from 16:00 to 17:00. See the following link for more details:

Condensed Matter Theory Seminars

Autumn Term 2016/17

Tuesday 20th September, 13:00

Computational Chemistry Downunder: from Ice Inhibition to Minerals (PDF  , 585kb)

  • Prof. Paulo Raiteri
  • G/020
  • Host: Dr. Roland Kröger

Summer Term 2015/16

Friday 15th April, 13:00

Optical positioning of single-photon emitters within quantum photonics devices (PDF  , 135kb)

  • Dr. Luca Sapienza, University of Southampton
  • P/T/111
  • Host: Dr. Ignacio Wilson-Rae

Friday 22nd April, 13:00

Surface Analysis at Newcastle University: the EPSRC XPS Mid-Range Facility (PDF  , 124kb)

Friday 29th April, 13:00

Oscillatory chemical reactions – from molecular to macromolecular substrates (PDF  , 285kb)

Tuesday 10th May, 13:00

Magnetism and nanoscale structural and compositional irregularities in La2MnNiO6 (PDF  , 122kb)

Friday 13th May, 13:00

Ultra-high resolution analysis of nanostructure with SEM at lower beam voltages (PDF  , 108kb)

  • Prof. Ed Boyes, Depts. of Physics and Electronics and JEOL Nanocentre
  • P/T/111
  • CMpi seminar

Friday 27th May, 13:00

Science and technology of two-dimensional materials (PDF  , 104kb)

  • Dr. Rahul Nair, University of Manchester
  • Host: Dr. Aires Ferreira
  • P/T/111

Wednesday 8th June, 14:00

Control of microstructure of FePt-X (001) films for HAMR (PDF  , 120kb)

Friday 10th June

Iron Oxide Surfaces: Structure, Chemistry and Catalysis (PDF  , 140kb)

  • Dr. Gareth Parkinson, Vienna University of Technology
  • Host: Dr. Andrew Pratt
  • Title, time, and location of seminar to be confirmed

Friday 24th June

  • Prof. Richard Palmer, University of Birmingham
  • Host: Dr. Keith McKenna
  • Title, time, and location of seminar to be confirmed

Spring Term 2015/16

Friday 5th February, 13:00

Conflict between the Friedel sum rule and the transport properties... (PDF  , 114kb)

Tuesday 16th February, 13:00

Nanoscale building blocks with electronic and structural heterogeneity shaping (PDF  , 135kb)

Friday 19th February, 13:00

CMPI Seminar

  • Dr. Aires Ferreira
  • Dr. Vlado Lazarov
  • P/T/111

Friday 29th February, 13:00

Progress towards fabrication and characterisation of atomic and nanoscale donor (PDF  , 120kb)

  • Dr. Neil Curson, London Centre for Nanotechnology
  • P/T/005
  • Host: Dr. Steve Tear

Friday 4th March, 13:00

The rhenium dichalcogenides: van der Waals layered semiconductors that break all (PDF  , 111kb)

Friday 18th March, 13:00

Structural and electronic properties of Sigma7 grain boundaries in alpha-alumina (PDF  , 127kb)

Tuesday 29th March, 13:00

Conductive AFM of magnetic tunnel junctions and nanoparticles (PDF  , 125kb)


Autumn Term 2015/16

Thursday 15th October, 12:00

Graphene for spintronics (PDF  , 923kb)

Friday 16th October, 13:00

Spin-polarised supercurrents: From fundamentals to functional devices (PDF  , 150kb)

  • Dr. Niladri Banerjee, University of Cambridge
  • P/T/111
  • Host: Dr Stuart Cavill

Friday 30th October, 12:00

CMpi Seminar

  • Dr. Stuart Cavill
  • Dr. Laurence Wilson
  • P/T/111

Monday 2nd November, 16:00

Computational materials discovery meets experiment (PDF  , 124kb)

Friday 6th November, 13:00

Chemistry and structure of materials at the single atom level (PDF  , 111kb)

Friday 13th November, 12:00

CMpi Seminar

  • Dr. Andrew Pratt
  • Dr. Aires Ferreira
  • P/T/111

Friday 27th November, 12:00

CMpi Seminar

  • Prof. Ed Boyes
  • Dr. Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez
  • P/T/111

Thursday 10th December, 14:00

All-optical magnetization reversal with femtosecond laser pulses (PDF  , 2,325kb)

  • Dr. Alexey Kimel, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Market Square Seminar Room
  • Host: Prof. Roy Chantrell

Friday 11th December, 12:00

CMpi Seminar

  • Dr. Vlado Lazarov
  • Prof. Tim Spiller
  • P/T/111