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Academic staff

Academic staff


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Mohamed Babiker

Prof Mohamed Babikar

Optical and electron vortices applied to molecular motors
Low dimensional semiconductors, quantum and atom optics theory

Ed Boyes

Prof Ed Boyes
Professor of Physics and Electronics,
Co-Director of the York JEOL Nanocentre
Departments of Physics and Electronics 

In-situ electron microscopy of catalysts,
development of new EM methods and instrumentation

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Dr Stuart Cavill Dr Stuart Cavill
Prof Roy Chantrell

Prof Roy Chantrell

Magnetic materials

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Irene D'Amico

Prof Irene D'Amico

Spin-transport and spintronics,
quantum information / computation, Quantum Biology

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Aires Ferreira

Dr Aires Ferreira
Royal Society University Research Fellow 

Theory of charge/spin transport in 2D materials

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Pratibha Gai

Prof Dame Pratibha Gai
Professor of Chemistry and Physics,
Founding JEOL Professor of Electron Microscopy and Co-Director of the York JEOL Nanocentre
Departments of Chemistry and Physics 

Nanomaterials, surface science, catalysis, electron microscopy
In-situ electron microscopy of catalysts,
development of new EM methods and instrumentation

Rex Godby

Prof Rex Godby

Quantum dynamics of interacting electrons in matter

Robert Greenall

Dr Robert Greenall
Senior Lecturer 

Computer simulation of biomolecules.
molecular dynamics simulation of DNA and its interactions with polycations,
quantum mechanical simulation of DNA

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Yvette Hancock

Dr Yvette Hancock

Raman spectroscopy of bioloical material
Model hamiltonians, density functional theory, nanotechnology, magnetism

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Thomas Krauss

Prof Thomas Krauss
Professor of Photonics 

Silicon nanophotonics for light control and emission, biosensing, solar cells
Photonic Crystals, Semiconductor Nanofabrication, Biophotonics, Photovoltaics

Roland Kroeger

Dr Roland Kröger

Electron Microscopy based characterisation, biomineralisation

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Vlado Lazarov

Dr Vlado Lazarov

Functional nano-materials and 3D structure of protein complexes

Mark Leake

Prof Mark Leake
Anniversary Chair of Biological Physics, Director of the BPSI
Departments of Physics and Biology 

Single-molecule biophysics tools development,
super-resolution imaging,
live cell process at the single-molecule level

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Keith McKenna

Dr Keith McKenna

Electron and ion dynamics, nanoparticles, electronic transport

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Kevin O'Grady

Prof Kevin O'Grady

Magnetisation reversal in thin films and particles

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Dr. Andrew Pratt, Year 1 Tutor

Dr Andrew Pratt

Surface properties of nanomaterials
Electron spectroscopy
Organic spintronics
High-performance nanoparticles

Matt Probert

Professor Matthew Probert

Computational modelling of materials
Density-functional theory, structure and dynamics of solids and liquids

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Tim Spiller

Professor Tim Spiller

Quantum information, applications and technologies

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Steve Tear

Dr Steve Tear

Low-energy electron diffraction, scanning tunnelling microscopy

Professor Sarah Thompson

Prof Sarah Thompson

Spintronics: transport, materials and infra red magnetic microscopy

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Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez Dr Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez
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Laurence Wilson

Dr Laurence Wilson

Biophysics, high-speed microscopy, holographic microscopy and light scattering 

Ignacio Wilson-Rae

Dr Ignacio Wilson-Rae

Optomechanical biosensing

Jing Wu

Jing Wu

Ultrafast spin dynamics in magnetic materials and devices

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Jun Yuan

Prof Jun Yuan

Element resolved electron microscopy and spectroscopy;
Vortex beam physics and applications in nanoparticle imaging;
spectroscopy and manipulation Nanomaterials and applications

Postdoctoral researchers

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